Falkirk Wheel, Panoramic view.

Falkirk Wheel, Panoramic view.
Image by Cameron Lyall, GNU license Wikimedia

16 June 2011

Digital Dundee

Below is the link to a video I made with some of the materials I posted online during my first week in Scotland. Since my arrival, I've had a pretty decently sized online audience following me. I made this video using my social media and blog postings to show the things my online audience cares most about.

I hope you like it!



salvo said...


I posted the URL of the blog to a discussion group of new media scholars. Sushil Oswalt of Washington State University asked me to post the following on his behalf:

Bridget, it might be interesting to find out how many of these post-industrial Dundee residents are really from the industrial era and how many of them are newcomers. It would be even more interesting to find out what happened to the industrial era Dundee residents who are not there any more.

Do they have something of the nature of a local "history museum". They might have some historical/demographical data for you to explore. District Office website would be another place to explore.


University of Washington

salvo said...

Whoops! That's University of Washington!