Falkirk Wheel, Panoramic view.

Falkirk Wheel, Panoramic view.
Image by Cameron Lyall, GNU license Wikimedia

27 June 2011

Time and Space


This is my long awaited and infamous video describing my feelings about Dundee's past. As some of you probably didn't hear, I was having problems with the original video then editing that video to be watchable THEN recording and making my voice heard. If you've already watched the video you can see that all of these elements did not come together well at all. I've spent an obscene amount of time trying to make the video less jittery. I've tried to do so much that I bit of way more than I could have chewed. So while this video kinda looks like a 6-tiered cake that has fallen, I'm going to explain what feelings I wanted to demonstrate with this video.

The first 30 seconds is just the sounds surrounding the church. The church was established in 1190, but because of several burnings some of the buildings have had to be rebuilt. The steeple tower is the oldest structure in Dundee since it was built in the 15th century. I just think that it's amazing that a structure has sat in the same place for 600 years, in the same spot that a church has sat on for a thousand years. It's more amazing that the structure isn't a museum or preserved in some way: it's still used to this day. What I wanted people to see was that the church is used by Dundonians everyday. It's next to a large shopping center and a busy street. People eat lunch outside of it. Work is being done on the church, not by a team of restoration experts, but by workman doing everyday work.

The next minute and a half is me commenting on the strangeness of being in such an old place and a walk around (and very jittery) view of the church. I wanted to show it's proximity to the shopping center and to show all the people using the church's grounds. I also wanted to show all the signs and directions that rule people's use of the space. I comment on how the church is overseeing the lives of Dundee's citizens and that it has a clock tower that ticks away the time and everyone's lives. I happened to be taking very steady video of the large window and it's accompanying mirror in the very modern sidewalk when the clock chimed. I just loved this shot so much that I included it whole and did not speed it up or voice over it. I was however unhappy with how jarring it was to have it whole in the video but I wasn't sure how to go about it without making the video almost ten minutes long.

I finished the video with a pan of the oldest structure in Dundee, because it has so much history there: a head of an invader was piked on top of it for 20 years, the clock ticks the towers time away, people use it everyday. It just amazes me that a still functioning building is still seen and used by all.
Especially these guys.

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