Falkirk Wheel, Panoramic view.

Falkirk Wheel, Panoramic view.
Image by Cameron Lyall, GNU license Wikimedia

22 July 2011

Museum Maps

I've been to several museums on this trip. While some of them are very familiar to museums I had experienced in the states, some of them were simply unique.

The British Museum was quite like every other major museum I have been to, where each wing is dedicated to each part of the world and its artifacts. I had no problem navigating the museum, but did have problems remembering what I had seen.

After the British Museum, however, I spent the majority of my time in museums that were preserving itself. By this I mean, museums that are showcasing itself. Such as:

The Discovery
Glamis Castle

The Tower of London

This was no exception for Glasgow School of Art. The building was the subject of the museum. I remember so much more from these types of museums than I ever do for museums of things they dug up.

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